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EHS Fertility Clinic is offering outstanding personalized services guiding you during this period of your life, to fulfill the ultimate dream of the gift of life. As every patient’s problem is unique, so is every treatment plan.

Our Experience

Mr Ogweno George Moses, OBGYN & IVF specialist, founded the centre in 2011. Since opening our doors our specialist team of doctors, embryologists and nurses have assisted thousands of patients achieve their dream of starting a family, offered fertility care for couples who have been struggling to conceive.

We continually review our ideas and refine our approach in order to help our patients get the best possible results. As your situation maybe unique, we believe in tailoring your treatment needs. Our doctors will take a detailed medical history and work closely with you to develop a personalised, realistic and evidence based treatment plan. We provide our services six days a week and you can reach at all times. Over the years, we have developed high expertise in the successful management of couples with previous repeated failed IVF cycles and recurrent miscarriages. We take a holistic approach, paying special attention to all factors in prior treatment history to achieve a successful outcome for the patient.

Our Facilities

Our centre is located in Upper Hill, Nairobi at 5th Avenue, 5th Avenue building, 5th Floor, Suites Numbers: 14-15. Please click here to take a virtual tour of the premises. EHS possesses a highly specialised state of the art IVF laboratory. Designed and purpose-built recently, it is equipped with all the latest innovations within the IVF field including time lapse incubators, highly filtered and purified air quality and an electronic witnessing system.

Our Philosophy

Provide an unparalleled experience as the most trusted partner for fertility care. Although EHS Fertility Clinic's mission statement is short, it describes what it provides today: integrated clinical practice including oncofertility care, education and research. It's fair to say the clinic is also known for also inspiring hope because of its cutting-edge research, privacy, latest standards and compassion.


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EHS Fertility Clinic offers the most innovative treatments for women and men to preserve fertility into the future.

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